Independence Day Special

August 15, 2018

Some movies are based on true incident which are inspire to us.

You can work for your country along with your personal growth. You are working in any field, any profanation is not a big deal. Ensure that you are working honestly, sincerely and you are supporting your colleagues, your partners, your friends and motivate for work hard, encourage for follow the society rules.

While working in any stream or field, you can work for your country directly or indirectly.

You have seen many movies based on true incident, some character are in the movies they motivate, encourage and inspire you. They want be contribution from your sides.

Razzi and PNS Gazi

Raazi and PNS Ghazi Movie


Sarfarosh Movie

Manjhi and Madras Cafe

Manjhi and Madras Cafe Movie


Neerja Movie

Padman and Raid

Padman and Raid Movie